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It’s Fall Y’all

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Fall for it

It’s easy to love this season...The trees are changing colour and putting on a beautiful show, the air is crisper, and smells divine. Temperature changes mean cozy sweaters, jackets, and fires.

Embrace it!

With chillier temps, and further restrictions on indoor activities, we need to get creative with our outdoor spaces and think of ways to extend our time outside. Don’t pack up your outdoor furniture, use it! But I do recommend covering it and bringing cushions inside when not in use so our outdoor furry friends don’t move in.

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Add some sparkle

It gets darker earlier this time of year, so add lighting to illuminate your outdoor spaces. String twinkle lights above your yard, or add spotlights or path markers. Many varieties exist, including solar and LED, which means you won’t have to change bulbs. Soft outdoor lighting not only functions but creates a magical glow.

Look up

Do you have a covered porch, gazebo, or canopy? You will be more likely to stay outside if you have a roof or covering overhead. Consider adding outdoor curtains to enclose parts of it to create some privacy and protect yourself from the outdoor elements.

The heat is on

If possible, add a heat source outside like a propane heater, chiminea or fire pit. With the right mix of warm clothes and a few great accessories outside, you can enjoy the outdoors longer. Bring the indoor feeling outside by loading up on cozy throws or electric blankets to keep your family and guests warm.

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Sip sip hooray

Hot cocoa, warm apple cider, and mulled wine will warm you up from the inside out. Roast marshmallows over a fire pit, in the BBQ, or under the broiler...just make sure you watch them closely...

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Grow on

Try growing seasonal flowers in containers or potted herbs on your deck or patio. They are a fun way to add some colour and life to your outdoor space, even if it’s chilly out.

...don’t be afraid to decorate your outdoor space and, as the saying goes, ‘think outside the box’...

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